theatre in the black - mission

Theatre in the Black is the means by which a group of professional artists are allowed to produce small, often unknown, sometimes original, always compelling, occasionally dystopian, visceral and transcendent works of theatre art.  Theatre enhances our understanding of the human condition, it teaches empathy and it allows us to learn from experiences not lived. When theatre thrives everyone profits. Our mission is...

  • To present passionate and significant plays of tragedy and consequence.  While nuance and subtlety are important qualities for an actor, the shows selected for performance by Theatre in the Black will eschew the vague.  It is our goal that everyone who comes to our show is moved, and inspired to conversation and reflection.

  • To present the best possible production that we can mount. No show will be announced unless that specific show has been appropriately cast with actors of the highest calibre.

  • To be a positive and welcome addition to the Downtown area and Bakersfield at large.

  • To confound the expectations that many non-theatre goers assume to be true of theatre.

  • To build a new audience of young educated professionals that can use the occasion of our shows for networking and community building.

executive director - jarred clowes

As an artist with many pursuits, Jarred Clowes has spent the last twenty years working predominantly in the theatre.  In Bakersfield he’s designed shows for the Old Melodrama, sat on the board of The Empty Space, helped build the Stars Theatre, held the Technical Director position at Bakersfield College, and served as first the Technical Director and then Artistic Director of The Spotlight Theatre.  He has worked as a technician for several touring productions (including for the WWE, Les Mis, The Producers, Jesus Christ Superstar, Stomp, and Bring in Da Noise) and has also had the opportunity to design and direct for many theatres in California including for the Woodward Shakespeare festival in Fresno, Stage 52, Theatre Theatre in Los Angeles, and Thomas Aquinas College in Ojai.

As a designer some of Jarred’s favorite shows have been, The Comedy of Errors, Macbeth, Richard III, The Taming of the Shrew, A Streetcar Named Desire, Noises Off!, The Brighton Beach Memoirs, A Song for Vanya, Twelfth Night, and Parade.

As a director Jarred is most proud of his work on Onionheads, The Pillowman, A Picasso, Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde, Noises Off!, Evil Dead: The Musical (West Coast Premier), The Goat or Who is Sylvia, Into the Woods, The Producers, Parade and Twelfth Night…for kids.

In addition to theatre, Jarred has worked professionally in the film industry on several movies and television shows; he attended Chapman University’s graduate program in film and when not on stage or on set, Jarred enjoys painting, writing, raising his daughter Millicent, and spending time with his lovely wife Kathryn.