Opening January 25th


The best camouflage of all, in my opinion, is the plain and simple truth…because no one ever believes it.


About the Show

The Firebugs, a dark comedy in the absurdist tradition by Swiss playwright Max Frisch, was written as the dust settled on World War II. A parable on the rise of fascism, The Firebugs is a mesmerizing play about cowardice and appeasement in the face of violence and open threats. Taking equal aim at both the Left and Right, The Firebugs is as topical as it is funny and as relevant as it is vicious.

Gottlieb Biedermann and his wife Babette are a pair of conventional and upstanding yet clueless bourgeoisie. They live in a town beset by burning buildings and the fear of invading arsonists. Two rogues descend on them - one an emotionally manipulative ex-wrestler, the other an inscrutable ex-head waiter - and inveigle their way into the Biedermann home. They at once begin storing drums of gasoline in the attic and setting up primers and fuses. Concerned primarily with not giving offense despite ever-mounting evidence of their guests' nefarious intent, Biedermann becomes the instrument of his own destruction.

Tickets are available for January 25th & 26th, February 1st & 2nd, and February 8th & 9th at 8pm. The play runs approximately one hour and twenty minutes. There will be no intermission. Audience members are invited to a question and answer session with the director and actors after the performance. Tickets are $25 and include complimentary white or red wine (please be prepared to show ID) with cafe seating. Seating is extremely limited. Performing at The Idea Hive at 1910 19th St., Bakersfield, CA 93301.


Theatre in the Black is the means by which a group of professional artists are allowed to produce small, usually unknown, sometimes original, often visceral, occasionally dystopian, always compelling, and never mediocre works of theatre art. Theatre enhances our understanding of the human condition, it teaches empathy and it allows us to learn from experiences we have not lived. When theatre thrives everyone profits.